Bob Skinstad | Former Springbok & Entrepreneur

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The story

Bob’s professional journey transitions impressively from a celebrated Springbok rugby captain to a dynamic entrepreneur, professional public speaker, and strategic advisor. He holds influential positions across multiple sectors, including consulting, technology, crowd analytics, and healthcare.

While Bob’s broad portfolio showcases his diverse skill set and entrepreneurial spirit, honing a more focused strategic direction could amplify his impact across these industries.

The solution

We set out to position Bob as a thought leader in business and networking and leveraging his influence to promote other entrepreneurs. We aimed to redefine his public persona, establishing him as the premier figure for business endorsements, particularly for connections with sustainable businesses.

Bob’s current focus is on generating valuable leads for Elixirr by pinpointing potential clients among large multinational corporations and initiating dialogues with their C-suite leaders. He aims to showcase Elixirr’s offerings and explore potential collaborations. Our solution involves using strategic video messaging, crafting 30-second to 1-minute videos for key new contacts, achieving an impressive 70% response rate. Upon receiving responses, Bob connects these contacts with Elixirr’s Partners.






The Outcome

Bob has ten posts with over 200,000 impressions, with one reaching 800,000 impressions, amplifying his influence and demonstrating his substantial clout in the online sphere.








“The biggest challenge I face is consistently speaking and networking with people, creating the right content for social media posts, responding to comments and questions, and crafting emails that carry the right message. I had tried social media schedulers and virtual assistants, but it wasn’t the right fit.

Then, I found Flance. With their guidance, I learnt about the different online environments. I learnt how to manage conversations and business leads and how I can take these to the next level of business.

Curating and collating media for platforms, analysing the traction, managing the responses and seeing how to manage my personal brand has been a much-needed service that has worked outstandingly for me. For this reason, I think other sports professionals looking at the same transition will benefit from this service.

I know how to carry the values and skills from a vibrant sporting career and convert them into leadership, innovation, growth, culture and knowledge.

I want other sports professionals to know that they can do the same. The hard work they have put into their professional careers in the sports field was a good stepping stone to their business future.”

Bob Skinstad
Former Springbok and Entrepreneur

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