30 Ways to make LinkedIn work for you

14 May 2024
By Leanne Maritz

In April, FDC took you on a month-long educational adventure with our ’30 Days of LinkedIn Learning’ series. Our goal was to help you polish your professional online presence.

Day by day, our expert strategists offered new insights aimed at elevating your approach to networking, engagement, and growth on the world’s premier professional platform.

Missed our series or simply want a refresher as you upgrade your professional profile? You came to the right place.

Here is a compilation of our expert tips to boost your online presence:

  1. Before you start posting, define your objectives. Are you looking to build a personal brand, nurture relationships, or generate leads? Having a clear goal will guide your content strategy.
  2. LinkedIn’s universe expanded massively in 2023, hitting the 1 billion mark. But here’s a staggering fact: Only about 3 million of these users post content weekly! So what does this mean for you? By simply being active and posting each week, you vault into the top 0.3% of LinkedIn users! That’s not just standing out – it’s leading the pack.
  3. Personal content outperforms all other posts on LinkedIn. Those battles you’ve faced and conquered? Yeah, share that gold! People want to know the real deal. The highs, the lows, the plot twists – spill the beans on your entrepreneurial adventure. Don’t underestimate the power of a good story. It’s not just about facts and figures; it’s about connecting with your audience on a personal level.
  4. Beyond resumes and job titles, creativity is the secret sauce that makes your posts stand out. Use visual storytelling like infographics or videos, showcase your projects with images or videos, share authentic stories and lessons learned, engage your audience with interactive content such as polls or quizzes, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different post formats.
  5. Take the time to help someone, without the need to gain. Go beyond clients and friends—help wherever there’s an opportunity to do so. The most successful people on LinkedIn are the most generous with their time, their knowledge, and their support.
  6. Engage actively with their content to get noticed. Remember, LinkedIn isn’t just a numbers game. It’s about quality, not quantity. One relationship can change your business & life. Building strong relationships with a core group who resonate with your message is where the magic happens.
  7. Introducing your connections to each other creates a tapestry of opportunities, ideas, and collaborations. It opens doors for people, which in turn opens doors for you. You become a catalyst for growth. And build even stronger relationships as a result.
  8. Your time on LinkedIn is an investment with immense potential returns. But you don’t need to chase hundreds of leads. Focus on those 1 to 2 key relationships. Nurture them properly. And watch as these connections unlock doors to 50, 100, and even more potential clients over time. Remember, it’s not about selling hard. It’s about connecting smart.
  9. Your first 100 LinkedIn posts are probably going to suck. But that’s not the point, and here’s why. You probably aren’t going to make that first sale, find that job, or hire that candidate immediately on LinkedIn. You have to stick it out. You shouldn’t focus on being perfect in the beginning; focus on being active and creating.
  10. Variety is the spice of content. Mix in personal tales, business insights, and industry trends to keep your feed vibrant. Whether it’s sharing your own experiences, shedding light on emerging trends, or offering valuable insights, diversity keeps your audience engaged and intrigued.
  11. Why not join forces with someone on LinkedIn? You can help each other out by promoting each other’s services or products, reaching more people beyond your network, and discovering new audiences and potential leads.
  12. When reaching out to new connections on LinkedIn, generic messages won’t cut it. Take the time to research their background and find common ground. Mention mutual interests or projects, demonstrating that you genuinely want to connect.
  13. When you meet someone new or reconnect with an old contact on LinkedIn, make sure to follow up and stay in touch. Sending a quick thank-you message after a conversation goes a long way in solidifying the relationship.
  14. Networking on LinkedIn requires consistent effort. Set aside some time each week to connect with new people, respond to messages, and update your profile. Consistency demonstrates your commitment to building meaningful relationships.
  15. LinkedIn is not just a platform; it’s a professional search engine. The benefit of SEO is that you’re easier to find if your profile is optimised. Make sure to include the right keywords in your headline, “About” and “Experience” sections. Also add keywords that highlight your services and include industries you’d like to target as well as your skills. Whether you’re job hunting or recruiting, SEO simplifies networking for everyone.
  16. Recommendations act as endorsements of your skills and character. Give recommendations to deserving connections, and politely ask for recommendations from those who can vouch for your work.
  17. Position yourself as a thought leader in your industry by sharing valuable insights, industry trends, and thought-provoking content. Publishing articles, participating in LinkedIn Live sessions, and posting regular updates will help establish credibility and authority in your niche.
  18. Track the performance of your LinkedIn efforts using analytics tools provided by the platform or by us at FDC. Monitor key metrics such as engagement, reach, and conversion rates to understand what content resonates with your audience and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  19. LinkedIn offers a platform for mentorship. Guiding emerging leaders and entrepreneurs is not just fulfilling, it positions you as a thought leader. Embrace the opportunity to share wisdom, foster growth, and build lasting connections.
  20. Sharing knowledge and insights is the key. Leaders who educate not only establish themselves as authorities in their field but also cultivate communities of loyal followers. Whether it’s sharing industry insights, offering valuable tips, or providing thought-provoking perspectives, educating your audience fosters trust and credibility.
  21. Regular engagement doesn’t just attract talent; it sets the culture. Foster a culture of openness, where employees feel valued and heard. Share insights, celebrate successes, and invite discussions to create a vibrant community.
  22. LinkedIn can be time-consuming, especially when you’re in a business development role and looking for new leads or opportunities. So, automating as much as possible helps you save time and energy. Helpful automations include appointment scheduling, CRM management, video content, lead integration, and content inspiration. Of course, you can use process automation to streamline your efforts, but never remove the human element from your content and interactions.
  23. Regularly engage with posts, articles, and updates from your network. Leave thoughtful comments, share valuable insights, and celebrate your connections’ accomplishments. Meaningful engagement strengthens relationships.
  24. The more your content gets liked, commented on, and shared, the higher it appears on your connections’ feeds and beyond. Increased visibility means reaching a broader audience and attracting more profile visits.
  25. Analytics are crucial for professional growth, helping you understand what works best, improve your brand, and connect with the right people. Here are 3 quick tips to help you:
    • Set clear objectives for your LinkedIn presence.
    • Utilise the LinkedIn Analytics tool to track post reach, engagement, follower demographics, and content performance.
    • Pay close attention to posts with high engagement to tailor future content.
  26. Keeping your finger on the pulse is key. Whether you’re posting updates or reacting to the latest trends in your field, your insights can ignite meaningful conversations. Don’t hold back—share your take on new trends or news. Your authentic perspective could be just what sparks connection and engagement.
  27. In your LinkedIn content, talk about a setback and how you bounced back. Failures are rich with lessons and relatable moments.
  28. Don’t hesitate to revive a previous post that resonated well. It’s a chance to re-engage with new followers.
  29. Ever wondered why your company page posts don’t get as much engagement and reach as the posts on your personal page? It’s simple, people connect with people. People want organic and authentic content that they can relate to.
  30. LinkedIn isn’t Facebook, but it is social media, and no one will care what you do if they don’t know who you are. Tell them about where you are and how you got there. THAT’S the personal flare – showing the person behind the brand.

So, there you have it: 30 expert tips to help you master LinkedIn. We hope you’ve found these insights useful and that they will serve as valuable tools in your ongoing career development.

We’d like to encourage you to experiment with the tips, measure their impact, and continue to refine your approach. Share your experiences with us, let us know what worked, what didn’t, and how you’ve transformed your LinkedIn presence.

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