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We realise that many people prefer to manage their own profiles, so we created this platform to help you achieve your goals through the power of LinkedIn.

FDC Community is a community of professionals, developed by experts in managing the personal branding and social selling of C-suite executives across the globe.

Whatever your objective is on LinkedIn, we will empower you to follow best practice guidelines and help you take ownership of your own success in achieving your goals. 

Renier Lombard

Managing Director

Why are you here, and what's your goal?

Content is often the first interaction people have with you. Notably, just 1% of LinkedIn users actively post, presenting a unique chance to shine. While LinkedIn is for professional networking, unlike other platforms, every action on it should be purposeful.

Our training guides you to:

  • Effectively identify your key objectives
  • Conduct market research on your target audience
  • Develop an optimised content strategy
  • Generate content pillars and discussions
  • Create purpose-driven content, driving engagement and starting valuable conversations

Jason Luboyera

Head of Growth

Join events with leading voices

We will host fortnightly events with specialists and guest speakers to get you one step closer to harnessing the power of LinkedIn.  

Events include but are not limited to:

  • Champions of industry sharing insights and training on their experience on LinkedIn and how it has helped them achieve their goals.
  • Announcements to keep you up to date on the latest trends and what’s happening within the community.
  • Specialists taking you on a deeper journey to understanding LinkedIn
  • Influential professionals encouraging, motivating and offering value to you and your network
  • Workshops to help you “do it yourself”

Jason Luboyera

Head of Growth




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About FDC Connect

FDC Connect is a specialised LinkedIn agency, managing the accounts of 100s of C-suite executives for some of the biggest brands worldwide.

Through identifying target audience, strategic planning, and relationship building, we achieved the following:

Saved 462% on recruitment travel costs

Saved compared to recruitment agency

Of B2B leads generated on LinkedIn

Value of contract awarded to our client after 3 months

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